Benefits of Fangotherapy (Mud Therapy)

Benefits of FangotherapyBenefits of Fangotherapy on the body:

The mud bath, or mud application on the body, provides benefits for the general welfare of the person, for skin care. The benefits of sludge and variations depending on the origin of the mud.

Benefits of mud therapy :

The moor ( peat mud ) is one of the most popular treatments in the SPA heath centers present throughout. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and high temperatures to which the moor is applied, mud therapy is particularly suitable to treat all cases of joint diseases, including osteoarthritis, osteoporosis. It is also suitable for prevention against rheumatism, against gout, effective against some orthopedic disorders such as dislocations, sprains, Etc …

Mud therapy also helps fight cellulite, excess weight and unsightly skin.


Care through the application of moor are not recommended in cases of circulatory problems ( varices ) because of the heat generated by the mud and in the event of respiratory failure.

Mud therapy is absolutely not suitable in cases of serious heart problems. In case of minor illnesses, it can then be performed on board and prescription.

Sequence of a mud therapy session:

Benefits of Fangotherapy generally focuses on four different phases, each with a specific function. The slurry is applied at a temperature of 39 ° on the body part to be treated. The patient is then wrapped in a warm blanket.

The mud will be applied for about 20 minutes.

The addition of hot mud leads to increased body temperature and sweating with consequent acceleration of certain metabolic processes.

Once the time, the moor layer is removed and the patient takes a bath in a thermal water at a temperature of 37-38 °. After bathing, the patient is dried in a warm towel and with a room to relax and to allow the sweat reaction to continue.