Fangotherapy Defintion

1 – Definition: In practice SPA, fangotherapy covers practices that appeal to different types of “mud baths” and “mud body wrap” : Silty clay sediments matured in the presence of microorganisms (unicellular algae) Sludge extemporaneous preparation, the mixing of a clay substrate (kaolinite, montmorillonite, smectite), exclusively mineral, with mineral water. Moor create form Peat Muds […]

Benefits of Fangotherapy (Mud Therapy)

Fangotherapy TheraMOOR Peat Mud Body Wrap

Benefits of Fangotherapy¬†on the body: The mud bath, or mud application on the body, provides benefits for the general welfare of the person, for skin care. The benefits of sludge and variations depending on the origin of the mud. Benefits of mud therapy : The moor ( peat mud ) is one of the most […]

Mud Therapy, an Effective cure

Fangotherapy TheraMOOR Peat Mud Bath

Mud therapy ( also called fangotherapy ) as part of a wide range of thalassotherapy treatments using hot mud baths. Many people use this type of treatment to relieve different types of diseases or simply relax. The mud used to wrap the patient is composed of microorganisms and unicellular algae. A Therapy that blurs the […]

Fangotherapy Benefits – Video Interview

Fangotherapy Benefits Theramoor Video Interview

This interview on Peat Mud Therapy and fangotherapy benefits with Alphonse Vanden Broucke (founder of TheraMOOR)¬† was shown on january 23th, 1990 TV show “Coup de Pouce” presented by Michel Jasmin on channel TQS (TV Quatre Saisons).

Peat Mud Body Wrap

Fangotherapy TheraMOOR Peat Mud Body Wrap

Peat Mud Body Wrap – Natural Relief for Arthristis, Arthrosis and Rheumatism   The intensity of the Thermotherapy through its deep penetration by conduction increases the elimination of the toxins in the body, thus giving improved muscular and articular suppleness. The active components of fangotherapy therapeutic peat mud diffuse their curative powers providing a warm […]