Mud Therapy, an Effective cure

Mud therapy ( also called fangotherapy ) as part of a wide range of thalassotherapy treatments using hot mud baths. Many people use this type of treatment to relieve different types of diseases or simply relax. The mud used to wrap the patient is composed of microorganisms and unicellular algae.

A Therapy that blurs the pain

Mud therapy sessions, the therapist performs local coatings or local applications that can be applied to a specific area or all over the body. However, the mud and sediment can also be used for best results. The mud therapy sessions can last fifteen minutes, depending on the patient’s request.However, after more than fifteen minutes, it is found that the mud has less impact because it loses heat, becoming less effective. The results of this therapy are instantaneous because the patient feels relief in muscles and joints. In that it is the bloodstream, it is much improved.

Remedy against Inflammation

When the thermal mud is still hot, it causes vasodilation deep and superficial. Thanks to the many benefits of this therapy, those suffering from inflammation and pain can be relieved and reassured. By cons, people with osteoarthritis hyperalgesic are also encouraged to seek treatment by mud therapy. However, in case of injury or respiratory failure, it is strongly recommended to use this therapy.