Products for Spa and Resorts based in Canada

Fangotherapy TheraMOOR Peat Mud Product

TheraMOOR manufactures fangotherapy products for Spa and resorts based in Canada. These peat mud therapy products are 100% natural. TheraMOOR peat mud are ideal for care and treatments of: Arthritis Arthrosis Female infertility Inflamation Joint diseases Muscle Injuries Osteoarthritis Rheumatism Varices and many more … Peat Mud Bath and Peat Mud Body Wrap from TheraMOOR […]

Fangotherapy Benefits – Video Interview

Fangotherapy Benefits Theramoor Video Interview

This interview on Peat Mud Therapy and fangotherapy benefits with Alphonse Vanden Broucke (founder of TheraMOOR)  was shown on january 23th, 1990 TV show “Coup de Pouce” presented by Michel Jasmin on channel TQS (TV Quatre Saisons).

Peat Mud Body Wrap

Fangotherapy TheraMOOR Peat Mud Body Wrap

Peat Mud Body Wrap – Natural Relief for Arthristis, Arthrosis and Rheumatism   The intensity of the Thermotherapy through its deep penetration by conduction increases the elimination of the toxins in the body, thus giving improved muscular and articular suppleness. The active components of fangotherapy therapeutic peat mud diffuse their curative powers providing a warm […]

Peat Mud Bath

Fangotherapy TheraMOOR Peat Mud Bath

Peat Mud Bath – Natural relief for Arthristis, Arthrosis and Rheumatism   Fangotherapy increase blood circulation throughout the entire body thus favoring the in depth relief of articular and muscular discomforts and pains, not limiting its action to only a few isolated organs, but influencing all the regulating systems in the body. Required Quantity: 1 […]